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Joaquin Latorraca

Joaquin Latorraca


He began his studies at an early age at the defunct Art School "Armando Reveron" in Ciudad Bolívar, continuing in the workshop of plastic arts of INCIBA with the teachers Damaso Ogaz, Roberto Olavarrieta, Rubén Chávez.
In Caracas, engraving and serigraphy, in the Graphic Center of the INCIBA, enamel on metal and sculpture in the Mariano Picón Salas, in the Cristóbal Rojas sculpture and in the Free Workshop 23 de Enero sculpture, he performs internships with maestro Mario Abreu.
In Paris, he performs with the master Jesús Soto, attends the workshop of Yacov Agam and receives instructions from the master Carmelo Ardequin, later he makes internships with the master Carlos Cruz-Diez in his workshop in Caracas. He studied graphics at the Scuola d'Arte Ornamentelli at the same time art history at the Societa Dante Alighieri in Rome, lithograph at the PM Loira in Milan and attended as a trainee at the Design Institute.
Since 1969, when he was just a student, he began to show his works in different places in the state of Bolívar, later he interacted with artists from the city of El Tigre and opened new paths for the search and definition of his work. He began to participate in group exhibitions since that date in various cultural centers of the country, his work has been seen in Cumaná, Porlamar, Maracay, Barcelona, Maracaibo, Mérida, Puerto la Cruz, El Tigre, Anaco, Barquisimeto, Valencia, La Guaira, San Cristóbal, Apure, Guárico, ... As well as in Miami, New Orleans, Rome, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Warsaw, Madrid, Paris, Panama City, Bogotá, Lima among others.



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