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Hector Ramirez

Héctor Ramírez  
(Maturín, Edo. Monagas, Venezuela, 1955)


Ramirez comes from a strong tradition of abstract geometry and optical art. He believes that Kinetic art in Venezuela has left an important trace in our collective memories, and has devoted his career as an artist to the study of the line as the leading element of his work. He is interested in the phenomenon of optical vibration. By working with the line as the base of his work and the shape of the sphere, he creates unique dimensions through the superimposition of layers of transparent acetates. Ramírez creates dynamic moving impressions depending on the viewpoint and the active gaze of the spectator, leaving a sense of movement with the viewer, much like a moiré effect.
Ramírez began working as a young apprentice in the studios of artists Secundino Rivera, Biaggio Campanella and Cornelius Zitman, in Venezuela. He then studied drawing, painting and design at the Instituto de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón, at the “Federico Brandt” Fine Art School, the Rómulo Gallegos Fine Art School and further silkscreen and photo silkscreen seminars at the Carlos Cruz-Diez Musem all in Caracas. Currently he works at the Atelier of Carlos Cruz-Diez.  He has held two solo exhibitions at Art Nouveau Gallery, both in Maracaibo Miami and several group exhibitions since 2003, in Galleries in Bogotá Caracas and also in Miami, Fl. USA. Lives and works in Caracas.

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