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Rolando Peña

Rolando Peña

The artist Rolando Peña Díaz was born in Caracas on October 27, 1942. Son of Salvador Peña and Mercedes Díaz.
He started in the theater in 1958 when he was studying at the Andrés Bello High School in Caracas, he studied at the Cristóbal Rojas School; in 1960 he studied at the Theater School of the Radio and Television Union; One year later he studied modern dance, then continued his training in dance in New York, USA, at the Martha Graham Dance School. Later he attended design classes at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela, UCV (1963-65).
In 1965 he produced the first multimedia shows made in Venezuela, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the UCV.
He lived in New York (1965-72); and in 1967 he founded the first avant-garde Latin American group, Fundación para la Totalidad, worked as an actor in films by the American plastic artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol (1928-87), Cuatro estrellas (1967), El restaurante desnudo (1967) and Los amores by Ondine (1968).
In 1972 he founded the Integral Dance Workshop in the Athenaeum of Caracas and then starred in the short film in super eight, The Black Prince (1975), a name that will be used as a pseudonym and with which will be announced, directed by Noel Levent. In the eighties he began to work with the concept of oil.
Some works made, of conceptual art, are: Error when creating miniature: The file seems not to exist; Miss Venezuela (1968-75); The seven African powers (1975); The seven vanishing points (1979); The tower, tower series (1982); and the Persian Gulf (1994); among others.
He held the following individual exhibitions: "Santera", Bogarín Printmaking Workshop, New York, "Santería", Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, MACC (1975); "The Seven Vanishing Points", Cayman Gallery, New York, USA (1979); "Oil", Cayman Gallery, New York (1981); "This oil belongs to me", La Tertulia Museum of Modern Art, Cali, Colombia (1984); "Oil is me", Museum of Fine Arts, MBA (1985); "Oil is me", House of Latin America, Paris, France (1986); "Interventions", Vía Gallery, Caracas (1987); "The Labyrinth", Room RG (1990); "Mene digital", Vía Gallery, Caracas (1993); "Digital Mene", Thorigny Gallery, Paris (1995); "Mene digital", Instituto de Cultura Italo Latinoamericano, Rome, Italy (1996); "Menespace", Science Museum, Caracas, "El effusion", MBA (1997); "The standard model of the subject, Tribute to the XX Century", MACC, "El effusion", El Gallo Contemporary Art Space, Salamanca, Spain (1997); "The well", Mujabo (2000); "Spontaneous Symmetry Rupture: The Barrel of God", MACC, "Spontaneous Symmetry Rupture: The Barrel of God", El Gallo Contemporary Art Space, Salamanca, Spain (2002); "El barril de Dios", White Elephant Gallery, Paris (2003); and "Images of the resistance", Ateneo de Caracas (2004).
He has received the following awards: photography, 1st International Super-Eight Film Festival of Vanguardia, Caracas (1977); CAPS, New York (1982); of acquisition, XVI International Biennial Graphic Art, Ljubljana (1985); of sculpture in situ, VI Biennial Francisco Narváez, the Harijs Liepins, LI Salon Arturo Michelena (1993); and Pedro Ángel González, VIII Pedro Ángel González District Plastic Arts Hall, Caracas (2002).


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