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Antonio Trotta

Antonio Trotta


He was born in Italy, Stio Cilento but he spent his youth and his early training in Argentina, La Plata and in 1960 he was one of the promoters of SI group.
He works in Milan and in Pietrasanta.
He started his activity at Museo de Arte Moderno and Torcuato di Tella Institute in Bueno Aires; in 1968 he was sent to the Venice Biennale to represent the Argentina Pavilion.
His works, his research has always focused on the art and the space from the ’60,then the experimental work and its representation began in the early ’70s with the reproducibility (through the use of photography and video) of the subjects in their own materials (ex.”The windows” on glass, “The quarries, cornices” on marble, “Curtains” on canvas).
Since the end of the 70s, the use of bronze, marble, mosaic has become the tool to deal with the work itself and to affirm the continuity of the Opera.



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