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Pedro Piña

Pedro Piña


He was born in Maracaibo, Zulia state, in 1952. He studied graphic arts and painting at the School of Plastic Arts Neptalí Rincón, Maracaibo, between 1966 and 1969; and of pure art in that same school, between 1970 and 1974. He devoted himself, upon graduating from it, to the art of neo-constructivist and abstract tendency, within which he has recently rehearsed an integration of painting and sculpture. Consecrated as one of the values ​of Zulian art, it has received an invitation to exhibit in numerous salons and exhibitions in Venezuela and abroad. He has worked as a graphic designer at the University of Zulia and has taught at art schools in Maracaibo, where he resides. He has appeared in exhibitions such as "Grandes y jóvenes de hoy", at the Grand Palais, Paris, 1979 and in confrontations held at the Municipal Culture Center of Ville Parisi, Paris, 1980; House of Culture of Grenoble, France; House of the Youth of La Varenne-sur-Seine, Paris. He has also exhibited at Galería Venezuela, in New York, and at the OAS Gallery, in Washington, D.C. Most important rewards: special prize and popular prize of the I Regional Art Salon, Maracaibo; second prize, I Salon de Arte de Occidente, Mérida, Mérida state, 1980; special prize in the same Salón de Occidente, Mérida, 1981; Special mention of the Sculpture Competition of Acerozulia, Maracaibo, 1981.


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