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Lia Bermudez.

The precision of geometric forms, a way of minimalism (without being cold or austere) accompanied with a rigorous selection of materials and the right use of color, results in extraordinary works, that besides, are created in and with the last technical and industrial advances, creating vanguardist art always

Lia Bermudez 
Maitta - 2015
Francisco Bellorin
Geometric Contrast No. 18 - 2014

Francisco Bellorín. Venezuela. 1941-2018.
He is one of the best Venezuelan artists... a master with great skills in different techniques and infinite creativity.

He is one of the most important representatives of the Kinetic art movement. Cruz-Diez has consistently based his whole body of work in eight different research projects that analyse the many different ways color acts upon our perception: Additive Color, Physichromie, Chromatic Inductions, Transchromie, Chromatic Interferences, Chromosaturation, Chromoscope, and Color in Space.

Carlos Cruz  Diez. Physichromie 997.jpg
Carlos Cruz Diez 
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