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Francisco Hung

Francisco Hung


He began his studies at the Julio Arraga School of Art in Maracaibo, then continued in Caracas at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas Cristóbal Rojas.

From the first part, he begins to win Awards and Recognitions, having exhibited his work in places like the Sao Paulo Biennial, the Paris Biennial, the UN Headquarters, the National Art Gallery of Venezuela, the Fine Arts Center of Maracaibo, among others.

In 1958, he participated in an arts room where he won the first prize and a scholarship to study at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, France. Travel through several countries in Europe completing your training. He returned to Venezuela in 1962, the year in which we met the woman of Maite Mandaluniz in the cultural environment of "40 degrees in the shade" (a multidisciplinary cultural movement that took place in the city of Maracaibo).

He extends his participation in art salons throughout Venezuela, obtaining the Otero Vizcarrondo Award from the Official Venezuelan Art Salon in Caracas. As well as the first prize of the Salón D'Empaire in Maracaibo and Honorary Mention in the 3rd Biennial of Paris, France in 1963. The following year he won the awards: Armando Reverón and Rome of the Venezuelan Official Art Salon in Caracas; and wins the First Prize of the Salon of Young Artists at the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas.

Participates in the 8th Biennial of Sao Paulo in 1965, with a group of works from the series Floating Matters, receiving the Felisa Lernier Award. That same year he won the National Prize for Venezuelan Art Painting and was awarded the Arturo Michelena Salon Prize for the first time, in the city of Valencia, Edo Carabobo.

Starting the decade of the '70, he won the Arturo Michelena Salon Award for the second time. And in 1971 he is a permanent resident with his family, for a year in the city of New York, continuing his research and painting.

Upon returning to Venezuela, after some research trips through several countries, we confirmed that the best light to carry out his works was that of Maracaibo, his city.

In the decade of the '80 it continues obtaining prizes, like First Prize of Drawing of the Living room of the West (1981) in the Merida state. The First Prize of the Barquisimeto Biennial (1982) Lara state. For the third time he was awarded the First Prize Arturo Michelena Hall (1986, Valencia Carabobo State).

This same year he is invited by the Commission of the Presidential Tour to travel through Asia as a representative of the Venezuelan Culture.

In 1988 the construction of his Study / Workshop will be developed as a space destined to the production, conservation and exhibition of his work.

At the end of the decade, he made a research trip as a starting point for the cities of San Francisco and Hawaii (United States), continuation of Beijing and Canton (China), then Bombai (India), Singapore, Paris (France), Madrid ( Spain) returning to the city of Caracas in Venezuela.

Through an agreement between the French Alliance and the Government of Venezuela, he travels to Paris (France) residing for several months working on a series of works. Make short trips through France and Greece.

In 1992 he returned definitively to Maracaibo, where multiple exhibitions are held throughout Venezuela. His passion for drawing throughout his life, life, life and daily life, combining with his gestural works.

This was on April 6, 2001 in search of your Floating Matters.



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