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Erwin González

Erwin González


I am dedicated to artistic creation, creating what I feel and what I can think of.

In 1993 I started in ceramics, creating artistic and utilitarian pieces, then in 1995 I started making artisanal and furniture ironworks. I have also made wood carving, works with marmolina, direct cement, and acrylic, among others, so I have accumulated very rich experience in the development of handmade pieces of different materials.

Since 1998 I have been dedicated to sculptural blacksmithing, creating with perfectionist and very traditional craft, small, medium and large format works: from the design, the construction process to the application of the painting.

I build the sculptures in a very artisan way, with the little technology that I have and the old one, forging the iron with fire and hammer, because it is the only way that the iron takes the shape that I have designed. And although the hardness of iron consumes my strength, it has not been an impediment to make the sculptures alone, with my hands, the will to create and the grace of God; In addition, in this way I enjoy the construction process a lot because I give the work the finish I want.

My works are characterized by their open volumes, with pronounced curved lines, multiple faces, well-defined edges, a smooth surface, and a matte or glossy full-color finish according to the desired effect.

My sculptures are designed and built to remain in time, in addition each of my sculptures is an unpublished work and therefore I use only high quality materials, to achieve a finish similar to that of the automotive industry and to protect it from external agents that affect the iron, guaranteeing in this way the permanence in the weather and in the inclemency.

The constancy and discipline with which I make my sculptures have led me to value the process of construction as a very personal, serious and fun, where everything I feel and understand becomes the creation of a true opera dedicated to God.

The creative process is accompanied by respect and honesty so as not to turn the work into a purely commercial object, but into a means of reflection and contemplation.

Since 2010 I am creating a series of thematic sculptures, based on Lake Maracaibo and the Transmutation of consciousness.
My obsessive and constant search for the form, has led me to achieve the simplification of the form from the design, so, since 2011 I decided to make some designs to develop them as serialized sculpture, but also each of the serialized pieces continues being unique; since they are not built by machines, but by me, in an artisanal way and inevitably they have slight variations.

After all this time I can reaffirm that a work of art must aesthetically fulfill the beautiful in order to achieve a positive and permanent reaction in the spectator and in our contemporary art.



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